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IrNUT (Iranian Network at University of Twente) founded in 2012, aims for participation in integrity activities within University of Twente and beyond . One of the main goals was to make cultural connections and integration among international students and employees at University of Twente by organizing a wide range of different activities. IrNUT follows the hope of moving towards mutual understanding and finding common grounds among the different nations and cultures, by emphasis on internationalization. Persian culture, traditions, arts, music, dance, cousin, ... are introduced to the international audience in the form of organizing events and activities. Among the 10 mega events in last 36 months as well as lots of other popular events and activities, we can name the following:


- "Norouz": Persian new year (UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Humanity)


- "Tirgan": Persian summer festival of water


- "Mehrgan": Fall festival of dance


- "Yalda": Celebration of the year's longest evening with poetry


IrNUT is willing to be the representatives of Persia by showing her contribution towards an international university and have an active cooperation with other associations. Participating in multi-cultural event in the city center of Enschede and also participating in Apollo international event was among the activities in which we could interact more international communities not only within the university but beyond these borders. In addition, focusing on art and culture demonstration, IrNUT initiated the Naghme Music Group. The goal of this group is on the introducing of Persian music and demonstrating the opportunities to meet the music of the rest of the world. Naghme had the honor to perform in the opening ceremony of Global Lounge, a place which is meant to make a collage of the international atmosphere of UT.

We believe what we have done is one of the big steps towards having people with different backgrounds together and shows our endeavor to introduce ourselves and sends the message that we are eager to know others.


IrNUT (Iranian Network at University of Twente)


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